Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day two and three

After breakfast on day two, we drove to San Ignacio, a very small town with a swimming hole, a small church and a convenient place to park the bus to make dinner and have a campfire. We pulled up stakes and headed south again after eating.

The swimming hole in San Ignacio

The church in San Ignacio

The campfire in San Ignacio

Breakfast, day two

We got picked up in San Diego on Sunday and we crossed the border into Mexico. Our first stop was Ensenada where we wandered around the fish market, got a hematite anklet for Sherry and had some outstanding octopus. The art museum was open late, so we were able to go there,too. The bus left from Ensenada around 8 pm, headed south. I don't really know what beach we awoke on for breakfast, but it was on the Pacific and probably 8 hours drive south of Ensenada.

Playing football on the beach

The "Too Much Tequila" painting at the Ensenada art museum. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ready for Baja!

We are getting excited about our upcoming Baja trip and, unsurprisingly, Mike has put together a map for the trip. The live map with the daily itinerary is here at this link and a quick static summary is below. The fourth dot from the bottom is the place where we will be camping for 5 nights on a beach, and the bottom right dot is another 2 nights in a tent on a beach. With any luck, there will be a little beach shack with cold corona and no WiFi.