Monday, February 22, 2016

Going to Mexico for Spring Break 2016

Hunter is joining us for a trip to Akumal, Mexico over spring break this year. We will be flying into Cancun and renting a car to drive about an hour south to Akumal. Cancun is a tourist nightmare, and Playa del Carmen is a big tourist trap, too, so we keep going south to find a more relaxed place to hang out. We are staying at the end of a road near Akumal and will be scuba diving off of the reef near Akumal and will also be doing several dives in the local cenotes (more info about cenotes below).  We are looking forward to wasting a lot of time at the Buena Vida bar in Akumal.  Live is just one big Corona commercial.

This is our place for the week - a compound in the jungle with not much around it. We aren't really sure what to expect. We are hoping for running water and mosquito netting. The Airbnb reviews seem to be pretty good, so we are hopeful.

Another view of the lodging with a view of the cenote (sink hole) that it sits on top of.

Another view of the cenote that is part of the property. Not sure if the kid is included or not. Maybe he fetches the margaritas and hangs up the dive gear. 

Last time we were in Akumal, we dove in the Dos Ojos cenote and the Crystal cenote (pictured in the two photos below).  These photos are not of us, but it gives a sense of how clear this fresh water cave diving can be.  Cenotes are the caved-in roofs of underground rivers. The Yucatan Peninsula is limestone and the rainwater has created underwater rivers that can be accessed by the occasionally caved-in roofs. Florida has some of the same geography, but dive operators are more sensitive to lawsuits in the USA, and less likely to allow people to dive in them. 

If the rental car is roadworthy, we are also planning on getting up early and driving to Chichén Itzá for the day. Sherry and I have been to the Yucatán several times but have never taken the time to go visit the most famous Mexican ruins, so this time we are committed. We have been to the fabulous ruins at Tulum a few times before, and also visited Cobá and Teotihuacán, but Chichén Itzá has remained off of our list. It appears to be about a 2 hour drive, but you never know in Mexico. 

Sadly, I don't think that we can expand our global list of skinny dipping spots on this trip. One of us (Mike) has already done the nude swim off of Tulum and we both went au natural in at least one cenote. I think that we will probably be arrested if we try the sacred cenote, so we will just have to wait for another trip to expand the list.