Friday, October 4, 2013

Bike ride summary

Here is a quick summary of our two weeks on the bike. Starts on 20 September and ends on 4 October. Germany did it's best to thrown us curve balls including the complete lack of hotels in Boppard and the closed train station ticket windows on a day we had to travel and the ticket machines that won't accept our credit cards or bills larger than10 euro and little towns who are closed on Mondays. Oh, and the train that stole my wife.
Friday- ride from Amsterdam to Utrecht
Saturday- ride to Arnhem
Sunday- ride to Emmerich
Monday- train ride to Bonn and ride to Linz am Rhein
Tuesday- ride to Lahnstein after a stop at Bad Breisig
Wednesday- ride to Bacharach
Thursday- ride to Mainz
Friday- train to Koblenz and ride to Bad Honningen.
Saturday- enjoy the spa and then ride to Osterspai
Sunday- rest day. Boppard wine fest and boat ride up the Rhein
Monday- train from Boppard to Trier and ride to Mehring
Tuesday- ride to Traben
Wednesday- ride to Cochem
Thursday- day off. Hike up to Eltz Castle.
Friday- hop the train to Zurich

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