Saturday, August 8, 2015

More photos from the Adirondacks

These are from Brad's camera.

Hmmm - Cemetery or Bliss? Cake or Death? I'll take Bliss, please.

Nice sunset over one of the multiple lakes we encountered.

The Great Hammock Experiment, night #1. I learned that you need insulation underneath you if you are going to sleep in a hammock in temps below about 65 degrees. Next time, I'm bringing a pad. Naps, however, are awesome in a hammock. Maybe I'll just bring a really lightweight hammock and use it for napping.

Another lovely campsite on a lake.

Absolut Adirondack.

Comic relief in Lake Placid

Mighty Mica and her trailer. Tires fully pumped.

Trusty steed, waiting for the day's ride in Lake Placid.

Practicing my ski jumping form in the shadow of the Olympic ski jump platform

Just another lovely little lake.

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