Monday, November 10, 2014

Coffeeneuring trips 4 and 5

Saturday 8 November: Beanetics in Annandale

We have a local coffee roaster in Annandale about 2.5 miles from my house. I have purchased their coffee at the Falls Church Farmers Market, but had not gone there to try their espresso drinks or to buy coffee. I rode the porteur bike because I was on a multi-errand trip and needed the extra hauling capacity. 

 I got the vanilla latte and got a bag of their Timor coffee. Haven't tried the Timor yet because I have to finish the coffee I already have. Next week, Timor!

Sunday 9 November: Killer ESB in Old Town

Not sure how I got this photo - must have set my phone on some kind of high-saturation setting without realizing it. Anyway, it is a nice effect. The Indy Fab never looked so good.

Apparently, they have happy hour pricing at the bar for their Stumptown coffee.

Full menu. Loving the "double shots" part.

Cherry Pie, Killer Mocha and bike gloves.

The cherry pie is really dangerously good. Lots and lots of small cherries, not too sweet, just perfect. They get them from Dangerously Delicious - I may need to make a pilgrimage. Next year: Pieneurring.

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