Monday, November 23, 2015

C&O Canal 3-day Trip via Amtrak in mid-November

Amtrak is finally allowing bicycles to be transported on the Capitol Limited train, so I rode up to Cumberland with one other person, and two were coming down from Pittsburgh on the Gap Trail to meet us. Here is what the bike accommodations are on the Amtrak.

Bart, Mike and Dave in Cumberland ready to ride. 

This is actually from a training ride we did before the C&O trip.  We are coming over White's Ferry from Leesburg to Maryland

The new trail along the "Big Slackwater" area of the canal. There used to be a big detour around this area but the construction on the trail is now completed. 

Where we stayed in Harpers Ferry - a member of the Tuesday hiker club that let us stay at his place. 

Bart and I took the ferry into Leesburg to take the bike trail home instead of staying on the C&O Canal into Georgetown. 

Goodbye Dave - have a nice ride back into Georgetown. 

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