Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What to Bring on a Bike Tour - Part 2

Here is the rest of the stuff that I am bringing. Seems like a lot of stuff when I line it all up and photograph it. It may appear to be a pretty straight-forward collection of stuff, but there are a lot of hard decisions that need to be made when selecting gear. There is probably 20 pounds of extra stuff that I would like to have, or that I think I would like to have, or that I may need at some point. Years of travel experience have taught me that less is more, and extra stuff is just something to slow you down and make your life more complex. Less stuff means a quicker exit in the morning,  smaller panniers, shorter times for locating the things you really need and, of course, a lighter bicycle. If I added another 20 pounds of gear, I would need fatter tires, a more stable bicycle, lower gearing, another set of panniers (which would add even more weight) and more water to replenish my body as I cranked a bunch of useless stuff up the mountains. Rant over. Thanks for obliging.

Basic body care:

  • Blue washcloth/towel
  • Ditty bag to hold it all
  • Scissors
  • Chamois creme
  • Two razors, Dr Bronner's soap, comb, shave cream and deodorant
  • Tylenol, Neosporin, nail clippers and a bag of toothpaste, floss, and toothbrush

Clothes washing and misc stuff.

  • Top row: Handkerchief, string, duct tape and Tide packets
  • Middle row: Weird orange clothespins, water purification tablets, knife, bottle opener, pen
  • Bottom row: Strap, safety pins, sewing kit, prescription drugs, toilet paper/Kleenex and a bag for it all

Camp kitchen - NOT shown are a 5-liter collapsible sink, a shorter and fatter Jetboil Mimo cook pot, and the fuel cannister for the stove. Pat has these things.

  • Across the top: Plastic bag to hold wine (or bourbon), plastic cup, cutting board with a kitchen knife and some tubes for salt, pepper and other spices, a blue dishrag, a water bottle, spoon and bowl. I will be adding a fork, too. 
  • Along the bottom: Small plastic bag with dish soap and scrubbing pad, Jetboil stove, coffee cup, spatula and spatula, three food containers with oatmeal, coffee and green Tabasco, frying pan that works with the Jetboil. 

And, finally,  a few last items:

  • Sunscreen, Chapstick, sunglasses
  • USB light for reading in the tent or playing cards at night. Plugs into the portable battery
  • Safety triangle - standard Adventure Cycling Association issue
  • Repair kit with multi-tool, spoke wrench, patch kit, oil, emergency kevlar spoke repair kit, a spool of extremely tough black nylon thread, tube, tire boot and plenty of zip ties. 

Wow. Thats a lot of stuff. We'll see how much of it comes home and how much ends up being mailed back before the trip is over. 

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