Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day two - Utrecht to Rhenen and a bike race

We had a normal length ride today, 40+ miles. We started in a suburb of Utrecht and rode south to Wijk bj Duurstede and the on to Rhenen. Along the way, we started seeing a bunch of police motorcycles coming the other way, then a Cavan of cars. We thought a politician was coming until we saw bike logos on the cars. In a flash, it was over.
Last night, we stayed in a suburb of Utrecht and took the bus into town for dinner. Never again. We need to either stay in town or out of town. The middle road doesn't work. We blew way too much time and money getting into town and back. Lesson learned.
The weather was fine, we only lost about 45 minutes on navigation failures, and, well, it was flat. Gonna be flat for the next two weeks. For now, the sun is out and we are on the balcony of our hotel having wine and beer. Here's hoping this is the typical day.

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