Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two perfect plans ruined

We took the train back up to Koblenz to re-do the best part of the Rhein valley. We had time, so plan A was to ride up the Moselle river for two days and take a boat back to Koblenz. So, of course, the one and only boat had a private party booked on the day we wanted. So, plan B was to ride up to Bad Honningen, take in a long spa day and then head back up the Rhein. The spa part worked great, but there is a wine festival going on and all of the hotels heading back up the Rhein are completely booked, something we were unaware of until lunch today. So, lots of "do you speak English" phone calls later, we have a nice room in Osterspai where we are staying two full days. We have ridden for nine days straight and are ready for a break. The wine festival is only 4 miles and a short ferry ride away in Boppard so we may stop in tomorrow.
Until then, here is a photo of Sherry catching some radiation and a typical scene from the trail.

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