Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is it really Friday?

Last post had us getting off the train at Bonn. Since then, we spent nights in Linz am Rhein, Lahnstein, Bacharach and we are now in Mainz.
The photos are mostly of the view from the youth hostel in Bacharach. There is also a photo of one of the ferry boats that we take to cross the river. There are very few bridges. There are also a number of hiking trails through the hills. There is a photo of one of the sign posts.
In Mainz, we tried to decide if we wanted to go up the Main river or continue down the Rhine. Instead, we are going back to Bonn and doing that last section over again. The stretch from Koblenz to Mainz is a UNESCO heritage site and it has lots of beautiful little towns and we just blew through it. We are going to do it again, only more slowly. Let's see if we can manage getting on and off the train this time:-)
We went to the spa at Bad Breising a few days ago. Forget every advertisement you have ever seen about European spas and instead envision lots of old fat Germans soaking in lukewarm mineral water. We had paid for the bath and the sauna so we went to the sauna. Sherry came out of the women's locker and almost bumped into a few nude men. You could see the immediate confusion - 'did I go into the wrong locker room?'. The sauna is a clothing optional/unnecessary affair. There was a little garden area with it's own little hot house where we participated in a group sauna after laying out in the garden turning often to avoid sunburn on parts that don't normally see the sunshine. Sorry, no photos.

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