Thursday, January 8, 2015

La Paz, swimming with whale sharks, swimming naked.

La Paz! Internet, laundry, showers, sheets, and margaritas! We celebrated New Years in La Paz, wend swimming with the whale sharks, and added the Gulf of California to our lifelong list of bodies of water that we have gone skinny dipping in. 

Sweet sweet margaritas.

This is the Hotel Yeneca where most people stayed. Funky, strange and fun. They didn't seem to mind when firecrackers were lit in the courtyard.

 The "Malecon" is the main drag through La Paz and it had statues and sculptures every block. We liked this guy. 

 More of the Malecon

We went swimming with the whale sharks on one of the days. This is what the advertisements show:

This is the reality:

Still, pretty cool experience despite the really cold and murky waters. 

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