Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Beach Camp!

After waking up on day three, we were getting close to our beach camp. The camp is down a road that is too rough for the bus, so we transferred ourselves and our gear to an old short school bus and were transported to the camp. Most of us hiked the last 6 miles or so to the camp, arriving mid-afternoon.

Our chariot for transferring from the big bus to the beach camp.

 All of us packed into the school bus for the bumpy ride

Here is a quick overview of the beach camp. You can view it directly in YouTube at this link if you want to.

The beach camp is about 2/3 of the way to the right of the photo, behind the "alligator head" point that is sticking out into the bay.

Hiking down to the beach camp - about a 6-mile walk. 

Brushing up on the local dialects.

About an hour's walk from camp, there is a natural hot spring that is only uncovered at low tide. You need to wait for a while for the seawater to heat up, and you risk burning your butt on the hot water flowing into the pool, but it was warm and cozy.

A lot of us took the mule ride around the area. Here are Hunter and Mike from the back.

More mule shots.

 Hunter getting ready to ride

Look ma, no hands!

Sherry of the Pampas.

 We also had the option of a pickup truck ride over to Agua Verde, the little town about 7 miles from the camp.

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