Thursday, January 8, 2015

Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas and the camp at Cabo Pulmo

We left the beach camp in the evening, transferred all of our stuff back onto the big bus, and drove overnight, waking up in the lovely little town of Todos Santos. Most of us went to the Hotel California for breakfast and then did a little shopping before shoving off for Cabo San Lucas. We dropped anchor at Cabo for about 3 hours - enough time for lunch, sightseeing, checking email and doing those things that people do in overly commercialized tourist towns.

After that, we got back on the bus and drove to Cabo Pulmo where we would spend the next two days. We arrived in Cabo Pulmo at night and had to set up camp in the wind and the dark. Sherry and I retreated deep into the sand dunes overlooking the beach and tried not to strangle one another as we set up a flapping tent using our headlamps.

 The bus at the Cabo Pulmo site.

Getting ready to cook

Our tent in the dunes

The view from the tent site

The view from the top of the hill near the tent

Hunter on the beach.

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