Monday, July 6, 2015

From Santiago de Compostella to Finisterre and Muxia

After reaching Santiago, there is an option to keep walking to the Atlantic coast. It is either three hard days walking, or four easier days or, as we did it, one hard day, one taxi ride and two nice short days. After arriving in Finisterre, we spent one day just doing nothing, and then walked to Muxia, the end of the road for the Camino. 

Ana, Justine and Brent did the hard three days and caught up with us in Finisterre. Justine had to head out from Finisterre, so it was down to just Sherry and I plus Ana and Brent. 

As usual, the photos are in reverse order, so start from the bottom if you want to see these in chronological order. 

Looking out to sea from Muxia

The four survivors, on the rocky shoreline of Muxia

Ana of the sea

The church in Muxia, right on the water. 

Heading back into the town of Muxia after visiting the lighthouse. 

Muxia!!! If you watch the movie "The Way", this is the final scene. 

Small beach coming into Muxia

Mike and Brent on the road to Muxia

A lot of people do Muxia to Finisterre, instead of Finisterre to Muxia, so the signs point in both directins. 

A displaced stepping stone and 3' deep water. I think I'll take the other bridge. 

Snail beach - somewhere between Finisterre and Muxia

Still in Finisterre watching the sunset

Contemplating the next steps

Hard to imagine that the sun will be setting soon. It is about 10pm here. 

Mike, feeling happy about the sunset. 

Arriving at the beach around 9:45pm to see the sunset

The sunset beach crew

Sunset on the west-facing beach near the town of Finisterre. 

View from the end of the cape

Sherry at the zero mile marker

Justine on the path

Beach babes, Justine and Ana

Walking into Finisterre

Celebrating the arrival of Ana and Justine and Brent at Finisterre. This is our hotel room. 

The view from the end of the cape/end of the world. 

Pilgrims are more fashionable now. 

Hiking out to the end of the cape in Finisterre. 

The zero mile marker in front of the lighthouse in Finisterre

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