Monday, July 6, 2015

The entire contents of my pack when I got home

People usually ask what we brought. Earlier in the blog, I described what we planned to bring. I think that it is more important to show what we actually kept. Along the way, we bought a few things and we sent home two small boxes of stuff that we did not need. Here is the entire inventory of what I had when I stepped through the doors of the house. 

Two underwear, one pair nylon shorts, one washcloth, one ultralight dry bag. Underwear is wool for anti-stink and for easy hand washing Shorts were purchased along the way because the ones I brought didn't fit too well. 

Guide book, one shirt, one pair pants. Shirt is thin nylon, pants are Prana Stretch Zion. The shirt is so thin and breezy that I wore it almost every day, even in the heat, instead of using sunscreen.  I washed it out in the shower and it would always be dry by morning. 

Hiking shoes and a lightweight sil nylon daypack that doubles as a stuff sack for my clothes. The shoes are La Sportiva Synthesis GTX

Glasses, eyeshades, 2-hole european USB charger and cables and a bag of small items.

The "foot kit" with various foot-related items. Compeed is the european anti-blister brand.

Ditty bag with small LED light, safety pins, sewing kit. laundry line, iPod and extra batteries

Inflatable pillow, water bottle, water bag, plastic cup, spoon,  Kindle, and my toilet kit. The toilet kit is a little bit light right now, but it would usually have had a few small bars of soap in it. 

Three socks, and my lightweight city shoes. The top socks were found in a hotel room and were very thin. The formerly white socks are smartwool and lightweight and the grey socks to the left are nice thick hiking socks. 

Yellow puff jacket, red wool t-shirt, grey windbreaker and my cotton "howdy pilgrim" t-shirt. I wore the cotton t-shirt mostly in the evenings after hiking.

The cat was not in the backpack. 

Rain stuff - green pack cover that came with the pack, black rain hat, red poncho. Also, a green baseball cap. 

It all fits into a 26-liter Osprey pack with my pilgrim shell attached to it. I started the hike with a larger pack but ended up just buying a smaller one in Leon. I left the old pack (an eBay purchase)  at one of the municipal albergues with a "free" sign on it. I hope it made the trip to Santiago, too. 

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