Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Leaving stones at the Cruz de Ferro

At about 20 days into the Camino, we came to the Cruz de Ferro. Here is a basic description of what it is all about:

At its base there has been a mound forming over the years. A legend says that when the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was being built, pilgrims were asked to contribute by bringing a stone. The tradition is to throw a stone here, brought from the place of origin of the pilgrim, symbolizing what the pilgrim want to leave behind and get ready for rebirth on the last part of the Camino.

We had brought stones from home for ourselves and for a few other people. 

The Cruz de Ferro atop the pile of stones

Stones we carried for lost friends of our friend and neighbor, Dibby Clark.

Stones for our neighbor Frankie Meeker

A stone for Dibby Clark

Leaving the stones next to the cross.

Two of Dibby's stones resting on the pile.

Two stones from Mike's parents, found along the Columbia river near their home. 

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