Monday, April 13, 2015

Camino de Santiago in May 2015

We have had a few "training hike" posts, but I don't think that we posted what we are training for. Our next adventure will be hiking the Camino de Santiago, starting in May. It is a 500 mile pilgrimage route in Spain. For us, that's like hiking from DC to Boston (or from DC to NYC and back again). You can go to Netflix and watch the movie "The Way" ( view the trailer here)  to get an idea of what we are about to do, or there are numerous web sites that have information about the Camino.

I am giving an oral presentation to my French class pretty soon, and the slide show that talks about the trip is here at this link. There are a number of trip details in the presentation and some good photos and maps.

The big picture plan for our trip goes like this:

1) Fly into Paris and spend 5 nights there
2) Take the train down to Saint Jean Pied de Port near the border with Spain
3) Walk 500 miles, heading west towards Santiago de Campostella
4) Fly to Madrid and then fly home, 7 weeks after arriving in Paris.

We have made very few reservations so far, because during the hike we will have no reservations. We just show up in the small towns along the way and hope that there will be some beds left in a decent hostel (called Albergues). We have plane tickets into Paris and out of Madrid courtesy of United frequent flier points, we will have an Airbnb apartment reserved in Paris, the train tickets from Paris to the starting point will be reserved, and we have a flight from Santiago de Compostella back to Madrid. Other than that, we are at the whim of the travel gods.

We have been doing a series of training hikes, and have been fiddling with our packing list. We will have to carry everything on our backs during the hike. We will have more posts later, but we felt that the larger plan needed to be stated so that the subsequent posts made sense.

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