Saturday, April 25, 2015

Two More Training Hikes - both on the Cross County Trail

Hike #1 on Sunday the 19th of April is the first of our "Uber" hikes, named for the taxi service that takes us to the starting point. Mike dropped off a car at Oak Mar rec center and rode a bike back home. We then took an Uber to Great Falls to start the hike, and then just hiked to the car. The $20 for an Uber more than makes up for the hour of driving it would take us to stage a car at both the start and end locations.

There is a trail in Fairfax County called the "Cross County Trail" or CCT. It follows the creek beds that run through the county. About 90% of the time you can look left and right and see, off in the distance, the large houses that are typical of this county. However, there is a remarkably woodsy feel to these hikes, as they are along streams and there are lots of trees and greenery all around. You can't beat it for convenience - a nice long flat trail in our own backyard. The trail is sometimes paved, sometimes gravel, sometimes mud and sometimes rocky. Tough for a bike rider, but just fine for walking.

This first hike clocked out at 15.4 miles and we were both pretty beat and a little blistered. We wore our full packs for this one.

Mike among the skunk cabbage. 

Uber Hike #2 on Friday the 24th took us from Lorton, Va right back to our house. The Google Maps said it would be about 15.5 miles, but it actually turned out to be 17.3 miles! Lots of small twists and turns on the trail must have added up. 

Sherry hiking through the wilds of Fairfax County in Wakefield Park. 

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