Monday, April 13, 2015

What to pack for 6 weeks of walking????

Aah - the joy of trying to decide what to bring and what to leave home when you have to carry every single thing, on your back, for 500 miles. I have it down to about 12 pounds, which includes the backpack itself.  Sherry's load is about 8 pounds because her clothes and shoes are much, much smaller than mine. This will be everything that we have with us for over 6 weeks of travel. There may be some last-minute changes, but the basics are in the photo. Missing items are a simple plastic water bottle that we will probably buy along the way, and my phone which I am using to take the pictures.

We don't have to carry a tent, sleeping pad, cooking gear, or food. We will be buying food at the small towns that we pass through. For lunch and snacks, we'll probably carry a little bit of food for eating during the day, but we won't need much. We are not bringing sleeping bags, because the albergues are generally heated, so we just have a sleeping sheet and some warm clothes.

The Foot Kit: 
Callous scrubber, blister pads, duct tape, white athletic tape, body glide, a small tin of waxy goop, bandaids, toenail clippers, neosporin and fungus cream should keep our feet in working order, Hopefully, some of this will be scrapped along the way as we toughen up.

The Ditty Bag:

Lots of little things in their own little bag:
Safety Pins for hanging laundry, fixing stuff, and for their general utility
String for a clothesline and for tying things to the packs
Sewing kit for tears and missing buttons
A tiny headlamp and extra batteries
Toilet paper
A European-plugged 2-port USB charger and two USB cables
More duct tape
A little knife
NSAID for my knees

Nighttime needs:

A hat that pulls down over my eyes
A silk sleeping sack
Eye shades and earplugs
A clean and soft T-Shirt
Wool long underwear

Shower time:

A small plastic bag with soap slices plus other things that you can easily identify yourself.

Rainy Days:

Lightweight umbrella, rain pants, rain jacket

Socks and Underwear:

3 Socks
2 Underwear
1 sleeveless T-Shirt for the hot days
Zipper bag to hold all of my clothes.

Shirts and Jackets:

Short-sleeve cotton shirt
Long-sleeve travel nylon rayon shirt
Wool t-shirt
Puff jacket

Below the belt:

Long pants, and shorts

The backpack and city shoes:

Odds and Ends:

Gaiters, sunglasses, Kindle

On my feet:

My actual walking shoes.

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