Thursday, April 30, 2015

The hardest part of the training routine

We will be walking through several wine regions in Spain, so we are starting to train our palates to appreciate the regional differences. The map below shows the regions and our approximate route in red. We will skim past Navarra right into Rioja. Later we will be going through Tierra de Leon and then skirt past Bierzo. We will not make it through Ribeiro, but we should be close. 

So far, we have visited the Rioja section in our local wine store. Both wines contained over 95% Tempranillo grapes.

This Aspaldi was our least favorite

But the Finca Nueva got two thumbs up.

Even though we won't be going through Ribeiro, we are being thorough in our research, so we had to try one or two. 

The Ribeiro wines use a grape called "Mencia" that we have not had before. It still seems to have that Spanish taste to it, but in a different way than a Tempranillo.

Today, I'll try to find some Navarra or Leon wines. 

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