Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chicken Alaska - back to the USA

From Dawson City, we drove the "Top of the World Highway" to Chicken Alaska where we stopped around lunch time for a long visit. After that, it was a night drive to Chena hot springs.

Highest point on the "Top of the World Highway". The border crossing back into the USA is just to the right of the person in the white shirt off in the distance. 

Lots of cairns on the top of the world. 

Staring down the mascot of Chicken Alaska

The Chicken and signpost

There is a fantastically well preserved dredge in Chicken and we got a really nice tour. You are looking at the rear of the dredge, where the rocks and sand get ejected. The front has a big line of steel buckets for digging up the river beds. 

Inside the dredge

Another view of the inside of the dredge

Making dinner in Chicken, before we pack up for a night drive. 

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