Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crawlers from the Denali Dream

Here is the crew that joined us for the second half of the trip, the "Denali Dream"

Cole and Jenna from South Dakota. Cole is in high school and Jenna is in school, training to be a teacher for dental hygienists.

Cynthia from San Francisco is an adjunct professor at a business school there and has done a lot of other stuff as detailed at http://cynthiascott.net/

Gail from the Bay Area who is traveling with Horst.

Horst from the Bay Area who works in real estate at the moment. 

Jackie, a law student from Perth, Australia and the second-youngest person on the bus after Cole

Jonas from Germany, traveling with Stephanie who is also from Germany. He works for Shindler maintaining elevators.

Stephanie from Germany, in school to be a kinesthesiologist, I think.  

Marietta from Eugene, Oregon. Marietta and Ernie raise helleborus plants on their farm and sell to retailers. Their farm is at http://www.northwestgardennursery.com/index.html

Ernie, also from Eugene.

David - working at Yale doing research. http://galvani.medicine.yale.edu/people/david_durham.profile

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