Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dawson City

We rolled into Dawson City after driving up to an overlook over the city. The bus took the ferry over the river to the funky little Dawson City River Hostel but most of us bailed out in town and took the ferry over later.

Dawson City was the end-point for most of the gold rush prospectors and it is now mostly a tourist trap. Having said that, we had a good time at the local bars and the hostel campground was pretty fun, too. Sherry and I stayed in a hotel to clean up and relax ;)

Big truck, small ferry. The line of RV's lining up to cross the river on the ferry was enormous. We figured that it would take hours. So many people have those bus-sized RV's towing a full-sized SUV these days. Really pretty ridiculous. 

The view overlooking Dawson City from a nearby hilltop.

Tortoise crew on a bench overlooking the city. Right to left: Al, Sherry, Gail, Cynthia, Marietta, COle, Jenna, Finny, Samantha

Lots and Lots of adventure bikes up here in Alaska.

 Dawson City at midnight. We went to the midnight show at Diamond Tooth Gerties

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