Tuesday, July 15, 2014

From Chena to Fairbanks to Denali

We left Chena and drove to Fairbanks for a quick bite and a visit to the Museum of the North. The museum was worth the visit if you find yourself in Fairbanks. After that, we drove the 2 hours to our campsite in Healy Alaska, about 10 miles outside of the Denali gate. We arrived late, it was raining, and the campsite (Miner's Market RV Park and Campground) was a dump. Toilets didn't work, washing machines were expensive and broken, lots of RV's full of seasonal workers - nice people but late night party people. The tent camping facilities were really bad, and some of the tents were in deep puddles after the rains.

The only saving feature of the campground was the awesome 49th State Brewing Company brewpub that was about 100 meters away. Other than that, we just woke up in the morning, packed our stuff, and drove into Denali National Park. After the visitor's center and the wilderness center, the bus drove off to the campground at Savage River. Several of us opted to walk back to town instead, and watch the World Cup.

Museum of the North

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