Monday, July 14, 2014

The Hard Core Crawlers

We finished the "Caribou Crawler" portion of the trip and are now on the "Denali Dream". Some of the people have left so far and others have joined.

Here are the hardcore - the ones that stayed on from the beginning to the end.

Al from Colorado. Motorcyclist, former Baltimore resident and one of the dedicated hikers

Antone from Nice, France who is on a very long travel adventure with Julie (below). Follow their adventure on

Bill, our second Green Tortoise employee and Alaska guide 

Carol from Washington DC who works at the Library of Congress. She left her passport in a laundromat in Jasper, but we were able to get her back into the USA and back into Canada again. The passport was mailed to Whitehorse and was waiting for us there. 

Desi from Boston - naturalist, historian, art lover, and reader of Shakespeare

Joe the fisherman, stayed with us for the entire month even though his wife left half-way. Joe and Reena live in Northern CA.

Julie, the other half of Antoine-and-Julie also on the multi-year adventure. Raised in French Polynesia and currently home based in Nice. 

Lysle, our driver and the owner of the Green Tortoise adventure travel company. 

Mica and Finney, from the Netherlands. Mica now lives in the US and Finney is visiting from the Netherlands. 

Michael from China by way of Australia. Another of the dedicated hikers.

You know who we are. 

Natalia, from Madrid but now living in Denver teaching Spanish. 

Richard who would jump out of the bus and disappear taking pictures, which is why this is the only photo of him I could find. 

Richard from Germany - another one of our photographers and a fellow lover of IPA beers.

Samantha, our math teacher from Dublin who was also coincidentally on the cross-country trip we took in 2011

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